Thursday, February 12, 2015

Upon How Many Should you Divide your Charity Money?

What is better? To give your charity money to ten families or instead distribute the amount on one hundred families?

In ecology, when the number of organisms in a certain area increases beyond a specific limit, the population tends to naturally regulate itself and the number ceases to increase either by increased deaths or decreased births or a combination of both. If nature allowed such population to grow in that specific area indefinitely, the size of each individual will keep shrinking and its fitness will keep decreasing since the finite amount of resources in that area will be divided on more and more individuals from that population.

If the amount of charity money you have will be too little when divided on a very large number of individuals, then it is better to divide such charity money on a smaller number of people in need. This will help them survive, grow and develop and perhaps become self sufficient as they develop and some of them may even reach a development stage where they can help others who are still in need.