There is a lot in common between the business world and the world of ecology. By studying the science of ecology deeply, one can easily find clues to how to make sustainable powerful businesses function in the economy. The natural ecosystems subsection of the science of ecology in particular offers a great wealth of insights for just that.

I am currently writing a book that explores this idea further by exploring the similarities between the business world and the world of ecology to come up with tips, advice and insights for the business world from the world of ecology.

The book is expected to be published in 2016. An initial working title for the book is The Natural Business.




  1. Why Ecology as a Source of Inspiration for Business? (Sustainability, proven laws, being in harmony with the natural laws.)
  2. Principles of The Natural Business Inspired by the Science of Ecology

Chapter 1: Birth

  1. Why New Small Companies need a Virgin Market Niche
  2. Will Adding More Cash to your Project Help it?
  3. In Business, Closer is Better
  4. Startup Business Size and Predators
  5. Viewing Companies as a Species

Chapter 2: Learning

  1. Intuition Vs. Modeling in Business Prediction
  2. Working with Imperfect Data in the Business World
  3. Data Visualization and Strategic Planning

Chapter 3: Growth

  1. Two Factors Affecting Business Growth
  2. Why Investors Seek to Invest in Startups?
  3. Fierce Competition Skews Distribution of Company Sizes
  4. Pursuing a Mathematical Model for Mentoring and Business Coaching
  5. Businesses Grow in a Sigmoidal Curve Pattern
  6. When to Invest in a Company?
  7. What is the Carrying Capacity of your Target Market?
  8. How Many Companies Can a Market Support?
  9. How an Overcrowded Market May Still be Ripe for Business
  10. Limits on Businesses Adapting to New Markets
  11. A Small Business Stronger than a Large Business?
  12. Modeling Age Structures for Market Research
  13. Grow your Business Like a Plant

Chapter 4: Market Research

Chapter 5: Maturity

  1. Territoriality in Business
  2. An Instant Success Business is Short Lived
  3. In Business, One Size Does NOT Fit All
  4. Businesses Competing in the Wild
  5. What is the Maturity Age of Companies?
  6. Business Fitness
  7. When Spin-offs Compete with their Parent Companies

Chapter 6: Reproduction

  1. Oscillation Patterns of Businesses within a Market
  2. Targeting Oversaturated Markets Can be Lethal to Businesses
  3. Exploiting Africa
  4. Franchising as Reproduction
  5. Companies Propagating as Plants
  6. Business Seed Banks

Chapter 7: Aging

  1. How Government Subsidies Can Harm the Economy
  2. Businesses Burning their Products

Chapter 8: Death

  1. Market Share Transfers
  2. When Should a Business Pullout From an Overcrowded Market?
  3. Competition in Business Can Be Lethal
  4. How Long Will Your Business Live?
  5. Survivorship Curves for Businesses
  6. Do Larger Businesses Enjoy Longer Lives?

Chapter 9: Ecosystem and Economy

  1. Economy Simulations are Never Perfect
  2. Upon How Many Should you Divide your Charity Money?
  3. Why is the Middle Class Vanishing?
  4. Building Mathematical Models to Understand the Dynamics of the Economy
  5. The Huge Informal Parking Business in Cairo
  6. Mathematical Models of Business Competition
  7. Select your Business Habitat Carefully