Thursday, September 25, 2014



  1. The two authors thank John Harper and other reviewers and helpers.
  2. The third author, John Harper, has left after finding that the pleasures of retirement and grandfatherhood overweighed those of co-authorship.
  3. Besides the two authors, John Harper and the reviewers of the first drafts of the first edition as well as those involved during the production stage in addition to many other names are all responsible for the success of this book.


  • Third author left out: John Harper
  • The two authors that remain are: Mike Begon and Colin Townsend
  • Both authors acknowledge their families
  • They acknowledge people during the production stage
  • There has been anonymous reviewers for the fourth edition
  • Comments of readers of first drafts of the first edition still appear in this fourth edition
  • The two authors pay tribute to the third author John Harper who is now out (retirement, grandfatherhood)
  • They have learnt from him
  • They have different views from his about some of the topics covered
  • His style (John Harper) they try to follow in this book which is:
    • respecting readers rather than patronizing them
    • inspiring rather than informing
    • respecting past while not following the current reputable people blindly
    • questioning rather than accepting blidndly


  1. Who do the authors thank?
  2. Why has the third author left?
  3. Who else is responsible for the success of this book?