Sunday, September 28, 2014

Organisms: Introduction



  • Constructive approach: Building up from organisms to populations to communities.
  • Analytically approach: Deconstructing from communities into populations and furthermore into organisms.
  • This book follows a constrictive rather than analytically approach in this regard.
Constructive approach
Constructive approach


  1. Chapter 1: Constraints of evolutionary history of organisms
  2. Chapter 2: Variation of environmental conditions with respect to place and time and their effect (limit) on the distribution of particular species.
  3. Chapter 3: Resources consumed by different types of organisms.
  4. Chapter 4: Variety in the schedules of birth and death (life histories)
  5. Chapter 5: Intraspecific competition for shared resources in short supply (interaction within single species populations)
  6. Chapter 6: Immigration and emigration
  7. Chapter 7: Applications: restoration, biosecurity, species conservation


  1. What role does the abundance of a specific species play in shaping a community?
  2. What will the chapters in Part I (Organisms) be covering?