Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Living in Harmony with Place and Time


Every place on earth has its own types of organisms that live in it. The community of organisms differs from one place to the other. The community of organisms living at some place is affected by the place and its properties. This has also been true for humans. People living in various places on earth differ from one another in color, physical features and even behavior and thoughts. One is affected by the environment he or she lives in.

Unfortunately, the modern industrial age has attempted to 'normalize' all locations and treat all places as if they were the same. One design or one solution that was successful in one place is applied without a lot of thought at other locations despite their being different from the first place where the solution of design was successful. Becoming blind to the unique spirit of each place made us loose a lot of the natural blessings of diversity.


As with place, time also has its unique varying characteristics. We have seasons, the natural world functions according to seasons and change is the normal aspect of nature. Not only do seasons of the year affect plant growth, bird migration and other natural aspects, but also phases of the moon and movement of other planetary bodies have their effects on the natural world on earth and create variations over time.

Unfortunately, the modern industrial age has been treating all time more or less the same. We go to work from 9 to 5 every day regardless of the season or the natural rhythm. Other than just having different clothing, we change nothing in our work system. Time is treated all the same, which is contrary to the laws of nature.

To Harmony

We find ourselves suffering from frustration, depression, pressure and sadness in our modern day systematized life without knowing why. The reasons is simple: we have went astray, we have driven so farm from the laws of nature, we become out of sync with nature and the natural laws. Attempting to regain the balance and become more in harmony with nature and its laws is the only way back for us to regain our peace and serenity.