Saturday, December 20, 2014

Treat your Teenager Daughter as an Annual Plant

For humans and many animals, several generations can live together concurrently. This happens because offspring start maturing before their parents die. This allows different generations to interact with one another. In humans, this allows the exchange of experience and ultimately to the building of civilizations when such learned experience is transferred from one generation to the other and added to.

For some plants, however, the new generation starts sprouting after their parents have died. They are always 'orphans'. This necessitates that they have the ability to depend fully on themselves and not need the help of their parents.

When bringing up your children, it is essential to realize that they need your care and attention, this is how humans are created. Yet it is equally important to realize that at some point in time it is useful to allow your children to grow out of such dependence and depend on themselves. Perhaps studying, learning about and observing annual plants can provide you with many clues on how to best do just that.