Friday, December 5, 2014

Business Food Chains

Competition Over Resources

Competition soars as resources become limited. If you want to spur competition, reduce the resources available. If you want to make competition disappear, flood them with resources. This concept works with your children at home, with your employees at the office and with citizens in a nation.

Business Food Chains

The food chain in living organisms can inspire the concept of value chain in an economy. Minute organisms feed on micro-nutrients, higher organisms feed on those microorganisms then even higher living organisms feed on them and so on in a long food chain. Similarly, in the business world, large corporations depend on smaller ones and the smaller ones depend on yet smaller ones till the bottom of the business 'food' chain. It would be interesting to study the food chain in living organisms more closely and come up with insights to better understand the dynamics of business ecosystems, how they work and how to best leverage them.

Business Roots

A plant would develop a variety of root types as the roots penetrate varying layers of soil as it goes deeper down the soil and also laterally on the sides. Similarly, a business can develop a number of revenue making models depending on the market in which it offers its products and services.

Coevolution of Political Parties

The concept of coevolution is very interesting. An organism might evolve in such a way so as to protect itself from its predator while in turn its predator evolves in such a way so as to be able to hunt it down. Both keep coevolving in a continuous path. This concept can be applied to opposing political parties which may coevolve to differentiate from one another.