Sunday, November 30, 2014

Types of Business Defenses


Soldiers use camouflage in their uniform so as to hide from the enemy and not be easily seen. This is similar to what many organisms do, they use colors that are close or similar to their background in order not to be easily spotted by predators.

Types of Business Defenses

Animals use a number of methods to protect themselves from falling prey to a predator. Some organisms would try to be less visible by employing camouflage, such are the ones which are edible. Others, which are inedible or poisonous, would actually do the opposite and display their colors vividly in order to warn predators not to come near. Still others that are edible would try to mimic the colors and shapes of the poisonous organisms so that predators would be tricked into thinking they are poisonous too and avoid eating them!

It is interesting how in the human world similar methods may be used weather in business or by armies. Some 'edible' businesses may try to hide from 'predictors' by keeping a low profile. Other 'inedible' businesses may actually display themselves very vividly showing to everyone that they cannot be consumed. Still other businesses would try to mimic the same display of the 'poisonous' businesses to avoid being harassed by preying businesses. The same methods can also be seen in various kids of armies.