Sunday, November 9, 2014

Economies and Ecosystems

Human Ecology

It is interesting to look at humans from an ecological point of view. Perhaps this is what is called human ecology. Humans need specific conditions in order to survive and thrive. Humans also need resources. It would be interesting to consider resources available for humans from an ecological point of view.

War Over Resources

Wars usually arise among humans when there is competition for resources. This particularly takes places in when resources are scarce. In the past, such resources could have been food. In our current times, one example of an important resource is energy, in particular oil. Many wars can be waged for this valuable much needed resource. In the future, if water proves to be scarce, it could be a resource upon which wars of the future are fought..


The concept of succession and phases is interesting. The earth has changed and evolved throughout the ages. In the past, conditions on earth were suitable for specific organisms. As the earth evolved and those conditions changes, so did the abundance and distribution of organisms on it. The evolution of earth and organisms on it took place in phases where each phase led to the following one. This concept of succession of phases is referred to in different areas in the Quran. The concept of succession is also a central one in permaculture.

Economies and Ecosystems

It would be interesting to study economy in the same way we study natural ecosystems. This can help us understand economies better and provide us with insights into how to make economies more resilient and thriving.

Deserts into Food Forests

It would be interesting to see how the science of ecology can give us the knowledge and insights by which we can green the deserts of Egypt (Western Desert) and turn them into lush vegetation of food forests!