Friday, November 14, 2014

Water and Plant Growth

Water and Plant Growth

When the stomata in plant leaves open up to take in CO2 for carry out photosynthesis it increases the rate of loss of water by the plant. When stomata are closed, water loss by the plant is reduced but CO2 is not allowed in and thus photosynthesis is inhibited. When water is scarce, plants may thus try to conserve water and photosynthesis is reduced. When water is plentiful, photosynthesis, given there is plenty of CO2 and sun radiation, becomes very active. This is why plants would flourish, grow faster and develop faster when provided with water. Conversely, plant growth and development is inhibited when water becomes scarce. [explanation]

Seasonal Cycles

The universe is in constant motion. Things change. Things move in circles and cycles. The seasons of the year are just one example of that. Deciduous trees shed their leaves in autumn and then grow them back in spring. Humans similarly wear warm clothing in winter and light clothing in summer. It is natural to interact with the seasons and change with them. Attempting to be rigid and still, not changing with the seasons, remaining constant in the face of change is not the natural way to go.

Biomimetics in the Desert

Desert plants use a number of tactics to withstand the heat. One of these tactics is having waxy leaves. It would be interesting to study this and other tactics for inspiration on how to make houses in the desert better able to withstand the heat without needing electric air conditioners. Sounds to me like an opportunity for biomimicry that can suit countries like Egypt where many new cities are being built in what was essentially a desert.

When to Water Plants?

During summer, particularly in temperate or warmer zones, it is best not to water plants during noon. If plants were watered at that time, the stomata in the leaves would open up to take in CO2 and perform photosynthesis. This could lead to a major loss of water due to heavy transpiration under strong sun radiation. That is why it is best to water plants during the early morning or late at night when the sun radiation is not too strong or absent.

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