Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Indirect Effecting

The concept of an organism relying on other organisms and those other organisms being affected by factors such as the temperature thus consequently affecting the first organisms is an interesting one. This arrangement can help us look at communities of people in society where the presence of some types of people depends on the presence of other types of people. We can affect the presence of the first type of people by changing factors that affect the second type of people and thus indirectly affecting the first type.

Environment May Reverse Competition

The outcome of competition between tow organisms can be in favor of one of them within specific conditions and in favor of the other within different conditions (such as different temperatures). Similarly, we can find that the competition between humans in society (businesses or individuals) can be in favor of one side rather than the other according to the conditions of the environment.

Ecology and Growing Plants

The science of ecology can help a lot in determining how communities of plants can live together and interact with each other and with the environment around them and its factors. It is interesting to know all about factors affecting plants such as humidity, temperature, pH value, salinity and the presence (or absence) of specific minerals.

Humidity Loving Insects

I was surprised to find the humidity loving insects in the soil with my balcony plants while not having watered the plants for quite a while. I later came to the conclusion that probably the shade created by the small growing tree and the mulch and good compost based soil have all collaborated to keep the soil under the mulch highly humid. It's the concept of microclimates again.


The idea of microclimates provides a lot of hope for city dwellers. Urban settings have long suffered from high rates of air pollution and increased temperatures due to the heat island effect. This has been 'remedied' using technology in the form of electric air conditioners which actually worsen the local environmental temperature by creating more heat, not to mention consuming a lot of energy. People thus go into a vicious circle.

Microclimates, however, provide us with hope. One can still create a microclimate around his own home or neighborhood by growing more trees and using a number of natural shading and cooling techniques.

Composting Worms

Ecology can help a lot in keeping composting worms and earth worms. The science of ecology can provide us with the knowledge to create successful worm farms.