Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Movements of Land Masses


After a deep, and heated, discussion it became clear to me that the theory of evolution of species does not conflict with the verses of the Quran or what Islam teaches.


  • Movement of continents:
    • The wide dispersion of related species across continents first led biologists to suggest that continents were adjacent to one another in the past and have moved apart later on. This view was advocated early in 1915 by Alfred Wegener.
    • Geologists first resisted such view until geomagnetic measurements confirmed this. "The discovery that the tectonic plates of the earth’s crust move and carry with them the migrating continents, reconciles geologist and biologist."
  • The following large flightless birds are one example of widely distributed yet related organisms:
  • Continents moved apart along millions of years (the past 150 to 10 million years ago).
  • "Changes in temperature in the North Sea over the past 60 million years. During this period there were large changes in sea level that allowed dispersal of both plants and animals between land masses."
  • Gondwanaland is one of the two ancient supercontinents that have split about 150 million years ago.
  • "Molecular techniques make it possible to analyze the time at which the various flightless birds started their evolutionary divergence."


Was the wide dispersion of species really why it was first suggested that currently far away land masses have moved away from one another and were in the past adjacent?