Sunday, October 19, 2014

What do we mean by 'extreme'?


  1. Introducing a new organism diversifies the environment in which it was introduced. This is an interesting concept for permaculture.
  2. Importance of temperature in agriculture.
  3. Extreme: to desert dwellers (Bedouins) the water poverty line set by the UN is outrageously high.
  4. What is the difference between these terms: "organism," "individual" and "species"?
  5. The concept of extremeness is even relative among individual humans (within the same species).
  6. The concrete activity, to sense the environment from a plant's perspective.
  7. The ecologist's ability to 'see' the world from an organisms point-of-view reminds us of design thinking.


  • "To a cactus there is nothing extreme about the desert conditions in which cacti have evolved."
  • "It is ... dangerous for the ecologist to assume that all other organisms sense the environment in the way we do."
  • "The ecologist should try to gain a worm’s-eye or plant’s-eye view of the environment: to see the world as others see it."


What is extreme for an organism may be normal for another. The idea of extremeness is relative.